Legal Services for Seniors

The Senior Citizens’ Firm™ – We Protect Seniors!


Before you contact us, here is a list of what legal services we offer, and what services we do not provide.

For people 70 and over who live in New York, we CAN help with the following:

1. If you are owed money or return of funds that you have not received
2. If you have been deceived out of money or property, we will help. (Please never send money over the phone or the internet- ever- unless it is part of a regular monthly service you have subscribed to with a well-known company, or if you have made an ecommerce order.)*
3. If you made an ecommerce order or sent monies and never got the product, we can help you get the money back.
4. Fighting an aggressive debt collector if you believe you do not owe the debt.*
5. We will help you get medical information or help from any medical service you use that is not being responsive.
6. We will help with anyone harassing you in any manner. If there are threats being made or actual physicality being used, we will advise you to call the police. We can help with this if you like.
7. If a medical professional has harmed you, we will help you to file a complaint with the applicable medical board.
8. We can help with unfair landlords (this service is limited, as you will be advised upon calling us.)
9. If you are interested in starting a business, we can talk you through the related legal and business issues (there are many online services to form corporations, but if you really need our help, we are happy to assist).
10. We will look over contracts (including leases) that you have been asked to sign and advise you of what it says.
11. We can negotiate contracts.

We CANNNOT help you with the following:

1. If you have already been served with a summons or a complaint (i.e. a lawsuit), please contact a litigation attorney in your area. We can not get involved rapidly in an ongoing lawsuit, which must be answered in a timely manner. Please contact a local litigator if you would like to defend yourself in that lawsuit.
2. We do not handle business transactions. For example: selling or buying real estate or selling and buying a business.
3. Upon calling us we will immediately advise if we can accept and handle your issue, and if there are any service limitations. Please do not be disappointed if we cannot help you. We have a limit on resources to provide seniors this affordable resource.

Senior citizen billing rate: $45.00 per hour.
*Our rate for debt collection help is as agreed at the time of engagement and the fee will only be due if we succeed in resolving your debt problem. If you are owed money from a business and we get the money back (or we get the product or service you paid for), our legal fee will be due in the manner we agreed. If a company is alleging that you owe money and we get it resolved and lower or remove the debt, a legal fee will be due in the manner we agreed.

Image is actor, not actual client. Actual client identities always protected.

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