Debt Collections

The Senior Citizens’ Firm™ – We Protect Seniors!

Perhaps someone owes you money or you paid for a product or service you did not receive. We can help.

But maybe a debt collector is calling you about money you, allegedly, owe. Maybe you owe it. Maybe you don’t.

Either way, you have rights. You have the right to ensure that the debt is real. You have the right to make sure the debt was legally obtained. You have the right to try to negotiate with the debt collector. And you, certainly, have the right to not be annoyed, bothered, or harrassed.

The first best defense is to have an attorney- and to let the debt collector know it.

Once we are on your side, we can tell you what you can do or we can do it for you, or where to go for help, or what to do next.

Then you can decide on the next steps you want to take. But it all starts with letting the collector know an attorney is on your side.

If any of these things apply to you or to a loved one, feel free to call us for help.

Senior citizen billing rate: Flat fee. Only pay if we resolve your debt problem in the manner we agree. If we dispute and remove a debt, the fee will be due as we agree. If you are owed money that was illegally or improperly taken by a business and we get your money back, the fee we agree upon in advance will be due.