Health Care Coordination

Coordinating health care services and understanding instructions and directions while sick or injured is overwhelming. Even seniors who have spouses can’t expect to be able to rely on the aid of an elderly spouse to handle the stresses of our health care system, which requires long waits on phones, speaking with fast-talking administrators in offices, and absorbing enormous amounts of new information coming at us. Home health care aids are not able to, required, or expected to handle these things for an ill or injured client. Ideally, if the senior has children who are local, they can handle these things. But that is, often, not the case.

We will handle medical provider communications and treatment and transportation coordinations for sick or injured seniors (70 years of age and older). We work on an hourly rate of $45.00 per hour.

Here’s an example: If a senior is, unfortunatley, diagnosed with an illness that requires 3 months of treaments, he or she needs to know what to do, where, and when, and needs answers about the medical condition and treatment options and then needs it all to be coordinated in a healthy and manageable way. If we spend 4 hours per week communicating and coordinating health care information and services on a client’s behalf for those 3 months, that is a total of $2,160.00 (4 hours per week @ $45.00 per hour= 180 x 12 weeks). If we work for only half of that time, then it’s half that cost.

So, if this is worth it to a senior or to his or her children, we are here to help. Please visit the contact page of this website to see how to discuss your needs. This service is available in all Eastern Standard Time states.