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“Giving” is the hardest verb to make part of your ever day life.
                                                                  -Mother Theresa

“Before you complain that someone has not helped you- ask yourself who “you” have helped.
-Neil Siskind

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Neil Siskind is the Founder and Chairman of The Fatherhood Assignment
Learn more at:

Neil Siskind, Founder, “National Fatherhood Day“- March 29th

To encourage recognition of the needs of boys and girls who are living without fathers or father-figures in their lives.


Neil Siskind’s Executive Summary:

My career as a practicing attorney has been focused on counseling clients in their Intellectual Property licensing and product distribution ventures, real estate investments, and business organization structuring. I have worked as an attorney in highly respected Manhattan law firms and corporations, and in my own law practice. My own business pursuits have been primarily in the areas of Intellectual Property acquisition and licensing, including patents, trademarks and copyrights, and commercial and residential real estate investments. Much of my professional career has been devoted to philanthropic endeavors. I created a charity and think tank, and advocate for youths without fathers. I use my own capital and legal experience to conserve and preserve environmentally-precious land. I financed and managed a low-cost legal clinic on Long Island during the recession to help people with their personal and business-related financial struggles. I offer free legal counsel to war veterans and senior citizens who are starting their own businesses. I have spent time working in cancer hospitals and donating resources to struggling public classrooms. I provide free promotions of worthwhile charities and causes and have created valuable trademarks such as “Caring is Free™” and “Just Care – It’s Free™” to aid me in that endeavor.

Neil Siskind is the author of The Complete Guide To The Ways To Manufacture & Sell Your Products

Volunteer, Pro Bono, Philanthropic and Government Background:

Learn about how I try to give back

Neil Siskind’s Volunteer Work: Volunteer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Neil Siskind’s Pro Bono Work: Protecting New York’s senior citizens from fraud and financial abuse


Donate to one of my needy public classrooms:

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, My Fundraiser- Help Neil Siskind help children with cancer to be more comfortable:

Help Neil Siskind make sick children’s wishes come true: Make-A Wish: Neil-Siskind/Help-Make-A-Child-Smile.htm

Neil Siskind seeks to inspire people with stories of  children who have overcome challenges:
Champion Children – The Siskind Law Firm

Neil Siskind seeks to help put war veterans and senior citizens in the right direction so that they can face the challenges of  the modern economy:
FreeStart Business – The Siskind Law Firm

-Hudson Riverfront Land Preservation
Neil Siskind is the Conservator of the Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve

The Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve is over 7 acres of environmentally-pristine waterfront land in a magnificent setting along New York’s majestic Hudson River. The Preserve includes a variety of species of animal and plant life, and is a precious example of the thoughtful maintenance of New York’s priceless open spaces. The land’s uses are limited to outdoor recreation such as hiking and climbing, and the study of ecology, nature and land use. The Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve allows for the intelligent contemplation of our valuable natural resources and the most effective ways to maximize them and keep them protected.

Neil Siskind’s Government Work:
Office of Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Newington, CT, 1992, Intern
Hartford County Department of Probation, Hartford, CT, 1991, Intern
Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Boston, MA, 1994, Intern

Attorney Neil S. Siskind is a skilled and experienced attorney practicing law since 1997. Neil’s experience includes the handling of complex business and real estate transactions at highly respected Manhattan law firms. In addition, Neil Siskind has acted as In-House Counsel for a major corporation handling its litigation strategy, as well as all other general business and contract matters.

While Attorney Neil Siskind is an experienced business attorney (see, Neil engages in activities outside his law practice to help others who have limited resources. Neil derives great satisfaction from defending senior citizens against unscrupulous individuals and companies who try to intimidate and steal from seniors. Neil volunteers his time working with cancer patients at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. Neil also believes in promoting charities that, like Neil, are also determined to give back to the most vulnerable groups in society

While Neil Siskind will be the first to admit that giving back to society in these ways has been difficult and challenging, as when you give to others there are those who become very good at taking. But for the most part, the majority of people who seek and receive Neil Siskind’s help are respectful and thankful for all that Neil gives back to his community. Neil Siskind believes that giving to those in need, thankful or not, is its own reward.



Client Recommendations:

“As an attorney myself, I have confided with Neil Siskind on numerous business, real estate and legal matters over the past 15 years in connection with my own business, and in connection with various clients I have referred to him. Neil always handles his work professionally, competently and rapidly. I look forward to a long-lived professional relationship with Neil Siskind.

-Michael A. Rose, Founding Partner, Hach & Rose LLP
New York, NY

“As a Financial Advisor, I have confided in Neil Siskind many times over the years and have referred clients of mine for similar counsel and for real estate deals. Neil Siskind is always responsive, knowledgeable and helpful and has been a great lawyer and confidant to me.”

-Seth L. Blumenthal, Financial Advisor
New York, NY

Neil Siskind is the best lawyer with whom I have ever worked. He is professional, kind, reliable, honest, intelligent and always responsive. I have worked with him for over 3 years. Not only is he our lawyer, he is a friend and an extension of our company.”

-Lori Zaslow, Media Personality
Bravo TV’s “Love Broker”
Project Soulmate, Co-founder

Neil Siskind is a very honorable guy, a great friend and attorney and a great listener.”

-Andrew Scheck, licensed real estate broker, NY, NY

“Neil Siskind
is such a nice guy. I can always talk to him about problems or issues in my life. He is very understanding and a loyal friend.

-Karen L. Doyle
Boca Raton, FL

Neil Siskind is an extraordinary attorney with great business and legal insights. I have benefitted from his wisdom and longevity as an attorney in New York City. Neil has successfully and capably handled every client whom I have sent his way. Because I am a CPA (for over 30 years), I know many of Neil’s clients, whom we share, and they all say similar things about his work, skill and care as a lawyer. I am sure we will work together for years to come.”

-Gilbert B. Sherr, CPA
New York, NY

“I have known Neil Siskind since about 1996. He is an honest, reliable and funny guy and a good friend who always gives me good advice. He did a great job on my house purchase.”

-Ken Weissman
Long Island, NY

“Even before coming on board with Neil Siskind, Neil was giving me his thoughts and advice, which I found invaluable. Once we made our business relationship official, he took off right out of the gate with amazingly creative and commercially viable concepts that we got right to work on. His mind is one-half creative, and the other half business, which is exactly what someone with my multifaceted career requires. Neil thinks in the broadest of terms and in multiple dimensions, which has given me a whole other way of looking at and approaching my career. Neil Siskind has given me so much so fast that I can only imagine what the future holds for me.”

-Tom Bentey, actor/writer/ director
Edison, NJ
Awards: Official Selection in the Garden State Film Festival, Sonoma International Film Festival, and “Stephen Colbert’s” Montclair Film Festival.

Neil Siskind is a lawyer whom I have turned to to not only start my business but deal with all of the headaches that have arisen. He always finds a way to keep my business moving forward and alleviating my concerns about customers, employees and products. Neil will be my lawyer for life- or at least for as long as my business is sustained. It has been 6 years, so with Neil’s continued help, I expect only the best.”

-David R. Kayen, Business Owner
White Plains, NY

“Dear Neil,

Thank you so much for the generous gift to our classroom. My class and I are very excited about the overhead projector. We have been using it everyday and learning so much. Thank you so much for giving us the gift to learn.”

-3rd Grade Teacher PS 22, recipient of donation of overhead projector from Neil Siskind to a classroom lacking enough text books for all students.

“I have worked with Neil Siskind on a variety of business projects over the years and have found Neil to be honest, fair, loyal, trustworthy and fun to work with.”

-Jonathan Gilson, eXion Studios

Neil Siskind is a very passionate guy who always has creative things happening. I know Neil Siskind professionally and personally and he always keeps me on my toes and always has interesting perspectives. I have seen him make many sacrifices and go the extra mile to help people on his own dime. Unfortunately, I have also seen it go unappreciated as people often do not know all he does behind the scenes without seeking credit for it. He feels obligated to do whatever he can to help out those he makes commitments to. Neil Siskind is a good guy.”

-Mark L. Orsen
Hartford, CT

“Neil Siskind
is a very reliable and honest person. I can always depend on Neil to do what he has promised, a rare quality these days. He’s a great guy whom I have known for 10 plus years. Neil has worked on many of my real estate deals and is always on the ball.”

-Jon J. Gordon
Brighton, MA

“As a working film, television and theatre actor, I have almost never met an industry professional with Neil Siskind’s level of care, integrity and responsiveness. Neil has made wonderful introductions for me and has filled me with great ideas and motivation towards growing and expanding my career. He is the most giving, professional and experienced person I have come across in years in this industry. He has never taken from me and keeps on giving. He took me to brunch last week and was fighting me for the bill!“

-Herman Wilkins, actor
Brooklyn, NY

“I love Neil. It has been my pleasure to work with him. He has been so supportive of my TV Pilot role which is now being marketed and is receiving a great response. Neil Siskind provides so many ideas and angles that I never would have considered without his help. Neil just keeps on giving, building and helping me climb the ladder in this business. I look forward to the day when I can give Neil something in return for all of his guidance.”

-Jessica Devlin, actor
Astoria, NY

Neil Siskind has been my long-time friend and attorney and has provided me with great advice and confidence in my business, real estate and personal matters. I recommend Neil Siskind to anyone seeking a capable counselor and concerned friend.”

-Stanley Gold, Real Estate and Classic Car Investor
Palm Coast, FL

“Neil Siskind
came to me highly recommended by his clients and it was immediately clear to me why. Although he is an accomplished attorney and businessperson, he has a passion for the arts and sympathy for the plight and challenges of artists in the industry today. The time and great detail that Neil takes during conversations about my career, combined with his interest in exposing me to new ideas, is moving and inspiring. I am looking forward to continuing this great experience with Neil in the same manner as Neil’s other clients.”

-Virginia Dutton, Best Actress, SATURNALIA
New York, NY

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FreeStart Business
Pro bono counsel for veterans
& senior citizens



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